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JYA Automatic Chemical Dosing System

JYA Automatic Chemical Dosing System

JYA series side stream filter adopts the principle of low-voltage electric field and high-voltage electrostatic field with superposition pulse, adjusts the signal source and unit configuration according to water quality condition, suitable for the treatment of sterilization, algae and scale removal in circulating water system and the removal of suspended matter in water.

Working Principle

The dosing amount and dosing pressure of the dosing device can be selected according to the needs of industrial processes. The flow rate is from 1L/h to 8000L/h, and the pressure can be selected from the range of 0.1Mpa to 2.5Mpa. The metering accuracy of the metering pump can be as high as ±1%, and multiple media can be delivered simultaneously and adjusted separately. The desired volume of the solution in the dosing device can be from a minimum of 0.1m3 to 20m3, which can be selected according to the amount of dosing. Depending on the delivery medium, there are a variety of materials to choose from, such as carbon steel, stainless steel, and non-metallic materials.


Easy to install, use and maintain
High degree of automation and low energy consumption
Strong corrosion resistance, safe and reliable
Accurate measurement, high-precision dosing
Remote control and access to computer management


Scope of Application

1. The addition of sterilization algaecide and anti-corrosion descaling agent in the central air conditioning system.
2. Preparation and addition of water treatment bleach, polyelectrolyte, lime slurry and other solutions.
3. Dosing of various cleaning detergents.
4. Dosing of various industrial additives.
5. Adding flocculant, coagulant, coagulant, defoamer for sewage treatment.

System Structure

a. Dosing device--general points--box one pump, two box two pumps, three box three pumps, four box four pumps
b. The composition structure of the dosing device is: solution tank, liquid level gauge, metering box, agitator, dosing metering pump, safety valve, pressure gauge, control cabinet, valve and pipeline are arranged centrally. The materials of each part are mainly divided into stainless steel and Carbon steel lining rubber.
c. All electric mixing tanks, metering pumps, pipelines, valves, control cabinets, etc. are assembled on a single platform to form a dosing assembly platform. There are anti-skid escalators and operating platforms on the platform.
d. Pulse damper, back pressure valve, safety valve, manual isolation valve and pressure gauge with pulse damping should be installed on the outlet pipe of the dosing pump. The pressure of the safety valve should be adjusted to be less than the maximum nameplate pressure of the metering pump.

For more detailed description and specification, please click the above Download to get more information about JYA series chemical dosing system. 
Selection Instructions for Chemical Dosing System

■ What kind of medicine solution to provide.
■ Selected pressure and flow of dosing pump.
■ Solution tank volume, 80-1000L (special customization.
■ Configuration for several boxes and several pumps (generally single barrel single pump, double barrel double pump).
■  Are there any other special requirements.
Selection Guide of SYPL Series Side Stream Filter
Model Main pipe 
Water Flow Rate
Side Stream Pipe
Diran Out Pipe
SYPL-25 80-150 50-180 25 25
SYPL-32 150-200 180-320 32 25
SYPL-40 200-300 320-710 40 25
SYPL-50 300-350 710-1000 50 25
SYPL-65 350-450 1000-1600 65 40
SYPL-80 450-700 1600-3500 80 40
SYPL-100 >700 >3500 100 40

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